ATS is a Technical Service designated by Sammarinese Approval Authority, through which are issued certificates of approval of vehicles, components, technical units and vehicle systems in general with the code E57

Automotive technical service

ATS is pleased to announce the release of the new web-based ATS-App platform, which can be consulted through any desktop and mobile internet browser.

ATS-App is a tool that distinguishes ATS from other technical services. The platform, in fact, is able to guarantee customers and collaborators immediate use and high productivity in the compilation and management of different practices.

Our Main Services

Inspection & CoP

ATS carries out tests, prepares the test reports and assesses compliance with the technical-regulatory requirements of a specific vehicle indicated in the Regulations.


ADR, Agreement for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, is the European Agreement relating to International Dangerous Goods Transport by Road.

Laboratory & ATP

ATS it is equipped with high-level instrumentation to carry out the tests at the manufacturers or the centers where the homologations are carried out.

Our Offices