• Post published:05/02/2019
brexit homologations
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According to the UK exit from the European Union there will be important considerations also in vehicle approvals’ field. In fact, with the implementation of Brexit, the British certification authority VCA will not be anymore an EU approval body. European Commission says: “it will no longer be possible to market vehicles in Europe accompanied by a certificate of conformity which refers to an approval issued by the VCA “. The European Commission, with a regulation issued in January 2019, informs that homologation and COP with code e11 / E11 have to be transfer to another Member State, if they wish to continue marketing their products in Europe. Starting from 29th March 2019, all manufacturers certified with British code have to find a solution. It will be necessary for vehicles approved by VCA, the Vehicle Certification Agency, which directly depends on the Department for Transport (DfT) of the British Government, to obtain a new type-approval issued by one of the EU Member States or by a Contracting State UNECE. For more information contact us and we will help you not to lose the certificates of Homologation for your products and not suffer therefore inconvenience for your business.

<p align=”justify”>ATS is a Technical Service designated by the San Marino’s Approval Authority, through which are issued the type-approval certificates for any component, system and separate technical units for any kind of vehicle with the code E57, UN distinguishing number for the Republic of San Marino, after being inspected and if they comply with the respective ECE Regulations issued by the United Nations (UNECE Regulations).

ATS is a new and dynamic organization composed of experts with 20 years of experience in technical certification in the automotive sector, with headquarters in the Republic of San Marino and with other branches and representative offices in numerous countries, for example Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Iran, Brasil, Argentine, China, India, Sri Lanka.

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