UNECE Regulation No. 129 - Increasing the safety of children in vehicles

For some time now, Automotive Technical Service has been collaborating with the University of San Marino, especially with the engineering faculty of the same.

It is a close collaboration agreement, whose efficiency is made possible also thanks to the close proximity between the offices of both entities; the latter, in fact, are located inside the World Trade Center structure, at Dogana, curacy of the Serravalle castle.

Thanks to this agreement, many brilliant new graduate students, or in the process of completing their studies, were able to interface with the world of work thanks to ATS, which made it possible to attend internships and which gave students the opportunity to understand the various dynamics of the sector in which ATS is mainly involved, namely the Automotive sector.

For some, the internship period and experience ended successfully with the establishment of a collaboration agreement.

An agreement therefore destined to strengthen and grow over time, given the positive results obtained so far.