Type Approval of Tires - E57

ATS, appointed Technical Service by the “Autorità per l’Omologazione della Repubblica di San Marino”, is able to perform all the Tests and Inspections aimed to obtain Type Approval Certifications with code E57, according to the UNECE Regulations regarding Tyres.

In particular, it is able to issue approvals in accordance with the Regulations ECE No. 30, ECE No. 54, ECE No. 64, ECE No. 75, ECE No. 108, ECE NO. 109, ECE No. 124, ECE No. 142 and ECE No. 117.

Our staff assists the Manufacturer in each step of the Type Approval operational flow, from the preparation and execution of the Tests, to the final issue of the Certificate, providing continuous and direct contact with the Authority.

To find out more, contact us at info@ats.sm