ATP is the regulation for the temperature controlled transports of perishable foodstuffs for human consumption. 

ATP stands for “Accord Transport Perissable” , which is short for “Agreements on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and the Special Equipment to be used for these transports”.

ATP legislation is the result of an Agreement signed in 1970, by some states and it imposes specific rules in the construction of isothermal bodyworks for refrigerated and controlled temperature transports of perishable foodstuffs, and certain requirements for users. The standard defines the types of perishable foodstuffs that have to be transported in a refrigerated or controlled temperature environment, and the temperatures at which these goods must be transported.

ATS S.r.l. is an ATP test station for the execution of tests on vehicles for the transport of perishable goods, useful for the release of test reports , for the issue of approval, as well as the center enabled for renewals of valid ATP certificates. ATS also provides professionals and producers with the guarantee of conformity and performance of the cold chain or of air conditioning and refrigeration systems through our independent expertise. ATS is an expert in the cold chain, refrigeration and air conditioning, with over 25 years of experience of its staff, it offers professionals their own independent experience to improve their performance and reduce risks in the food and healthcare sectors.


From the date of first issue, the ATP certificate is valid for 6 years. The next two renewals are done with a validity of other 3years each. After reaching the 15 year of validity, the renewal of the ATP certificate his validity is extended for other 6 years


ATP certificate