ATS & ISO 17020:2012

Automotive Technical Service S.r.l., established in the Techno Science Park incubator of San Marino Innovation as a high-tech company, is responsible for planning and performing inspections for the issue of…

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Autonomous transport

Automation in transport, including “self-driving” autonomous vehicles, has the potential to improve the lives of billions of people and transform mobility as we know it. It could enable a safer,…

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TEMSA gets homologation E57
Temsa Bus

TEMSA gets homologation E57

TEMSA Global was founded in 1968 by Sabancı Holding to supply steel to the construction industry. Manufacture of coaches began in 1984 with licensing and distribution agreements from Mitsubishi Motors.…

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SIAT Expo 2019
siat india 2019

SIAT Expo 2019

 ATS visit SIAT Expo 2019, India. Symposium on International Automotive Technology , a biennial international event to exchange ideas and new technologies from the automotive industry, with the participation of…

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