Why fill in the form?

ATS is constantly looking for inspectors, agents or collaborators who are able to perform both functions, technical and commercial independently, in order to be able to respond to the questions and needs of customers located in the most diverse parts of the world.

Who is the completion of the form for?

ATS is looking for technicians, engineers, experts in the field of component approvals, vehicles, technical units, vehicle systems in general according to the ECE Regulations and to the main automotive Directives, in order to conduct planned Tests in Laboratories recognized. The compilation of the form is also aimed at salespeople, agents, experts in this field, with the aim of continuing to expand the name of ATS around the world.

How do you perform the procedure to collaborate?

If you believe you have the aforementioned characteristics, just fill in the form you find here, inserting the main personal data and the Curriculum Vitae. It will then be the task of the human resources office, in collaboration with the technical office, to communicate the positive or negative outcome of the candidacy for external Collaborator. In the event of a positive outcome, we will proceed to the explanation of the whole procedure for the figures of Inspectors or Agents.

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