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My job (customer)

You can see the following form for querying and filtering your practices.

Pratiche omologazione ATS App

The query/filter fields available are:

  • test report date range
  • homologation date range
  • constructor
  • type
  • category (e.g. R10, R55, COP …)
  • state of practice

The result of the query on your practices is displayed in a grid with one row for each practice found.

You can see the state of your practice, for example if it’s defined and the date of the homologation.

The last column links to the pdf with the entire dossier, so it can be downloaded in a local file if it’s already available.

If ATS leaves some notes to you regarding a practice, you can use the info icon to display such informations.

There are buttons in order to export the grid content in a file in Excel or text format.

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