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Prepare a quotation (inspector)

You see the list of your quotations and you are able to query/filter by date range, customer and more.

All of your quotations are visible only from yourself and ATS.

The production of the pdf containing the selected quotation is performed on the fly.

Every quotation consists of one header and more rows; the header has some fields, as shown below.

mod preventivo

When you enter the customer name, the software checks if it’s already stored in the ATS main database; if so it extracts all the data; if it doesn’t exist, you must enter all the customer datas and these datas act as a database for the next quotations.

The Annotations, Proposal validity and Notes are loadable from precompiled models that ATS prepares; anyway it’s possible to change the content as you need.

The selection of the models is done by the three specific combos.

There is the chance to enter the discount percentage to be applied to the whole quotation.

When the quotation is complete, you may send the pdf to the customer by mail, using a button with the envelope icon.

The pdf produced is in english or in italian, accordingly to the configuration of the target customer; however it’s possible to chooose it every time you create a quotation.

Now you need to enter the quotation rows with the form displayed below:

modifica preventivo

Every row must specify an item of the ATS catalog; it’s loaded the default description, the default number of days needed, the default prices and the Authority fee

Discount and commissions (defined in the inspector/agent configuration of ATS) are automatically calculated.

It’s possible to specify further informations:

  • extension of homologation (different price conditions)
  • external laboratory needed
  • only test report, no certificate

If you specify notes, they are included in the generated pdf; the order of the rows is easily changeable.

When you create or modify a quotation, everything is immediately visible at ATS, cause you are working with the same datas in realtime.

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