ATS is a technical service designated by the authorities, specialized in approvals of vehicles, components, technical units and vehicle systems. ATS is an Inspection Body accredited ISO/IEC 17020

Automotive technical service

ATS is pleased to announce the release of the new web-based ATS-App platform, which can be consulted through any desktop and mobile internet browser.

ATS-App is a tool that distinguishes ATS from other technical services. The platform, in fact, is able to guarantee customers and collaborators immediate use and high productivity in the compilation and management of different services.

Our Main Services


ATS, Inspection Body type "A" accredited ISO/IEC 17020:2012, carries out conformity assessments of products, processes and services

ATS ICON Automotive


ATS, ISO 17020: 2012 accredited Technical Service, carries out inspections on vehicles, components, systems and independent technical units.


ADR is the acronym for Agreement for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, relating to the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by road.

Laboratory & ATP

ATS is an laboratory and ATP test station that performs tests on vehicles used for the transport of perishable goods, in order to release the test reports.

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