IA and COP

Initial Assessment – IA

ATS perform initial assessment inspections to verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements and procedures for ensuring effective control so that components, systems, separate technical units or vehicles when in production conform to the approved type.

Evaluation and Periodic Control of the Production Process – CoP

ATS performs periodic inspections to verify the existence of adequate arrangements and documented controls plan, to be agreed with the manufacterer for each approval, to carry out at specified intervals those tests or associated checks necessary to verify continued conformity with the approved type including specificallu physical tests specified in the regulatory acts.

Periodic Product Check – CoP

After the issue of type approval by the authority, ATS may at any time verify the conformity controls methods applied in each production facility.

ATS monitors the continued effectiveness of the procedures laid down during the initial assessment and the conformity of production.

The frequency of verifications shall be such as to ensure thet the relevant controls applied in accordance with initial assessment and conformity of production are reviewed over a period consistent with the climate of trust established by the approval Authority.

ATS inspectors may select samples at random to be tested in laboratory or tested in according to the type approval regulation obtained by the manufacturer.

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