This Regulation defines the general practices adopted by ATS, hereinafter referred to as ATS or Inspection Body, for the conduction of Inspection activities on vehicles and / or components according to the modalities provided by the following directives and regulations, Directive 2007/46 / EC (Vehicles cat.M, N, O), Regulation 168/2013 / EU (Vehicles cat. L), Regulation 167/2013 / EU (Vehicles cat. T), Regulation 2016/1628 / EU (NRMM Category) and ECE Regulations.

ATS makes the latest updated version of the Regulation available on its website at, at its headquarters or at the request of the Applicant and sends a copy in electronic format.

The amendments and additions to the Regulation are managed by issuing successive revisions, in which the portions of text modified are highlighted with vertical lines next to it. The Regulation is an integral part of the contract signed between ATS and the Applicant. ATS always applies the latest revision issued and it is the Applicant’s responsibility to verify the issuance of any updates on the Inspection Body website and to adapt to them.