Automotive Technical Service, following a resolution by Accredia’s Sectoral Accreditation Certification and Inspection Committee, obtained accreditation, in the ISP scheme, as an “A” type Inspection Body. With this recognition ATS is able to carry out inspections on complete vehicles and components, in accordance with ISO 17020: 2012.

ATS is designated by the San Marino Authority to inspect the testing activities carried out directly at the manufacturer’s or third-party laboratories, for the issue of the final inspection test report and the subsequent approval certificate issued by the competent Authority.

ATS is characterized by years of experience in the sector of inspections on components, systems, technical units and vehicles in general. Over time, it has become the main reference point for all inspection activities, starting from the Manufacturer’s Initial Assessment of the Production Process, up to the release of the final inspection report, based on the test conducted, drawn up by a nominated inspector.

The Technical Service carries out inspections in various areas, especially in the Automotive sector, including what is established by the ECE Regulations and by various other Regulations and Standards, shown below.


E57 Ats certificazione

ECE Regulations

ATS, thanks to the designations as Technical Service, currently designated and in close collaboration with the Approval Authority of the Republic of San Marino, and thanks to the accreditations received over time, and maintained periodically successfully, is able to carry out and perform , through the vast international network of inspectors, inspections in the field of Automotive.

 In particular, the Homologation Authority of the Republic of San Marino is one of the few Authorities belonging to the contracting parties to the 1958 Agreement, to have adopted and implemented all the ECE Regulations. 

ATS therefore, thanks to its vast experience and following its designation, has received the qualification that allows inspections to be carried out, with the consequent release of the Test Report, as regards all ECE Regulations. It will then be the task of the Authority to analyze all the documentation and issue the Type Approval Certificate.

ATS has several Laboratories, internal or third parties accredited by the Technical Service itself, for the purpose of carrying out international inspections.

Other Directives and Standards

ATS is also able to carry out inspections according to different international directives and standards, thanks to the accreditations and designations received from the competent Authorities and Bodies and thanks to the close collaboration that has been created, over time, with other Technical Services, such as the LuxControl, Technical Service designated by the SNCH Authority (e13). Some of the directives and standards in which ATS makes available the best experts and collaborators in the field are:

  • EU Directives;
  • Automotive Research Association of India Standard and Standard;
  • ADR Standards and Regulations – Australian Design Rules ;
  • Taiwan Standards and Regulations;
  • TISI Standard and Regulations (Thai Industrial Standards Institute).