Homologations for vehicles, components and systems

ATS as the designated Technical Service and as Inspection Body, carries out inspections on the test activities carried out directly at the manufacturer’s or third-party laboratory installations, for the release of the final inspection report and the subsequent approval certificate issued by the Authority competent, for the following types of approvals:

  • Vehicles cat. M, N, O Approval and control of the production of motor vehicles and their trailers, as well as of the systems, components and separate technical units intended for these vehicles, according to the reference framework regulations: Directive 2007/46 / EC and EU Regulation 2018 / 858 and subsequent amendments and additions.
  • Vehicles cat. L Approval and production control of two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles, according to EU Regulation no. 168/2013 and on delegated acts.
  • Vehicles cat. T, C, R, S Approval and control of the production of agricultural and forestry vehicles according to EU Regulation no. 167/2013 and its delegated acts.
  • NRMM non-road engines Approval and production control of non-road engines (Non-Road Mobile Machinery).
  • Individual homologations Homologation of vehicles in single copy, according to the reference standards: Art. 24 Directive 2007/46 / CE and Chapter IX of the EU Regulation 2018/858.
  • Homologation of components, systems and independent technical units Homologation and control of the production of components, systems and independent technical units, according to CE / UE and ECE standards.


Initial evalutation and production process IA 

ATS carries out IA Initial Assessment inspections to verify that there are provisions and procedures that are considered suitable to guarantee the effective control of conformity to the approved type of components, systems, separate technical units or vehicles in production, aimed at the application for approval

Periodic evalutation and control of the CoP production process

ATS carries out CoP periodic inspections, to ensure and agree with the manufacturer, that the provisions and procedures are adequate and the control plans are documented, so that the tests and checks necessary to verify the continuity of compliance are carried out at set intervals. to the “Product Conformity” approved type.

Periodic inspection of the CoP product

ATS following the approval issued by the Authority, can verify at any time the conformity control methods applied at the individual production plants. ATS verifies the constant effectiveness of the procedure established in the Initial Evaluation and in the Periodic Control. The frequency of the verifications allows to guarantee that the controls carried out in compliance with the Initial Evaluation and the Evaluations and Periodic Checks, are examined for a period compatible with the climate of trust. established by the competent Authority.

ATS inspectors will be able to take samples randomly to be subjected to laboratory tests or tests provided for in the reference standard of the approval obtained by the manufacturer. If the results are not considered satisfactory, they will be communicated to the Authority for the subsequent withdrawal of the approval.

Inspection Body

ATS adapts and rigorously conforms to the standards of the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard as an Inspection Body accredited by Accredia, in order to better respond to the needs of manufacturers and to be more in line with what is required by automotive regulations. Through a network of qualified inspectors, with proven experience in the sector, inserted in an available and dynamic structure, the Inspection Body ensures competence and flexibility in the activities carried out.

Other Standards

ATS is also able to carry out inspections according to various International Standards, in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 standard, such as:

  • ARAI – Automotive Research Association of India – India
  • ADR – Australian Design Rules – Australia
  • VSCC – Vehicle Safety Certification Center – Taiwan
  • TISI – Thai Industrial Standards Institute – Thailand
  • INMETRO – National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality – Brazil


E57 – San Marino Identification
E57 Ats certificazione
ECE R13 – Braking  Tests